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vierkant Information about Viking Market
Who were the Vikings
Once, Vikings travelled through Europe as tradesman and plunderers.
This is a long time ago, between the 8th and 11th century. Often, trade and plundering were not that much separated. It were the days, the large Frankish Empire started to fall apart after Charlemagne’s death in 814 AD. The little kingdoms of counts, dukes and bishops constantly battled with one another. North of the Franks, Vikings lived in Scandinavia. The Swedish Vikings founded between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea a country, called Russia, after the name Vikings carried in this area: “Rus”. Norwegian Vikings colonised Iceland and Greenland and sailed to North America. Vikings from Denmark sailed in their fast ships along the coasts and rivers of the Frankish empire or what was left of it, plundering the valuables of trade cities and many monasteries. ‘Those were no Christians, those men form the North’, the annals of those days tell us, ‘but heathen barbarians!’ Or then again, not..?
During Pentecost 2008, May 10th - 12th the next Viking Market will take place at the Historisch OpenluchtMuseum Eindhoven.
If you want to come to our museum
The museum is located in the Genneper Parken recreational area, at the south edge of Eindhoven. Depending on your means of transport you can see detailed descriptions of the route below:
By public transportation, from Eindhoven Central Station:
*By bus: take bus 19 with destination Máxima Medisch Centrum, and get off
at the bus stop Camphuysenstraat. From the bus stop, cross the ring road
and turn left Boutenslaan until you reach the museum. About 8 minutes walking.
*Or: bus 171 with destination Dommelen/Valkenswaard or bus 172 with destination Lommel and get off at the bus stop Boutenslaan. Here you turn
left along the Boutenslaan until you reach the museum. Also about 8 minutes walking.
By car:
Coming by the A2, from the South, towards Eindhoven, take exit 33, Waalre/Valkenswaard; at the bottom of the exit you turn towards Eindhoven. Soon you will meet the signs to the "Genneper Parken". After 500 meters you turn left at the trafficlights and you will see at the leftsite te big parkingspot of Genneper Parken. From the parkingspot it is a small walk to the museum. Just follow the signs (about 5 minutes).
For further information
If you would like to know more about this event, please contact:
Historisch OpenluchtMuseum Eindhoven
Boutenslaan 161 B
5644 TV Eindhoven
Voice (31) 40 – 2522281
Fax (31) 40 – 2518924
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